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7.5-Inch Indoor Digital Visual Intercom

· PC+ABS shell, shortcut touch button, 7-inch TFT color screen, simple and stylish design, easy to operate
· together with equipment like gate entrance intercom, management machine and platform etc., a visual intercom system can be formed
· The locking door to the building entrance can be opened remotely, (the shortcut key unlocking, monitoring unlocking, and intercom unlocking are all supported)
· Do-Not-Disturb mode setting supported 
· Proactive monitoring of gate entrance picture supported
· Doorbell access supported, 7th and 8th ports for multiplex alarm input
· Alarm access function supported (8 channels for wired defence area)
· SOS emergency help supported, with alarm information reported to the management center simultaneously
· High-performance speakers and microphones, with noise suppression and echo cancellation supported, high-quality voice calls are ensured
· Easy installation (86mm*86mm dark line box installation, anti-decoupling design, batch configuration, network cable power supply, etc.)
· Suitable for high-end villas, residential areas, etc.

Operation System Dahua dedicated intercom system
Operation Method 5touch button
Video Compression Standard, Frame Rate H.264
SOS Alarm Supported
Doorbell Access Supported,7th and 8th ports for multiplex alarm input
Operation Temperature and Humidity -10℃~+55℃;10~90%RH
Product Type Indoor Machine
Material PC+ABS
Screen Resolution 800*480
Alarm Input 8 channels,switch value,Can be set to be normally open or normally closed (factory default normally open)
Do-Not-Disturb Setting Applicable
Power Supply Powered by network cable from networking distributor (maximum power supply distance of 50 meters)
Power Consumption Idle ≤1w,In Operation ≤7w
Installation Method 86mm*86mm dark line box
Full Digital/ Semi-digital Semi-digital
Screen 7-inch full color TFT screen
Audio Compression Standard G.711A/G.711U/PCM
Audio Input Omnidirectional microphone
Audio Output Built-in speaker
Audio Mode Two-way voice intercom supported
Sound Enhancement Echo suppression and digital noise reduction supported
Audio Bit Rate 16kps
Network Interface One channel for RJ45(audio & video/485/power interface)
Installation Accessories Bracket, alarm cable need to be brought separately
Dimensions(H×W×T) 200*136*22 mm

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