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Observational Thermal Single-Lens Bullet Camera

High performance sensitivity and good image quality with industry leading uncooled vanadium oxide focal plane detector
Supports white heat, black heat, fusion, rainbow, golden autumn, noon, iron red, amber and other 14 kinds of pseudo color adjustable
Support for regional image quality enhancement
Support motion detection
Supports a variety of intelligent functions such as fire detection, line intrusion, area intrusion, target filtering, etc.
Support HDCVI, analog, network three-mode mixed output
Code output 1280*1024/720P

Type of Application Temperature measurement
Product Form Monocular gun
Thermal Imaging Detector Type Uncooled vanadium oxide focal plane detector
Thermal Imaging Detector Pixels 400*300
Pixel 17μm
Spectral Range 8~14μm
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) ≤40mK
Thermal Imaging Lens Focal Length 7.5mm (13mm/25mm/35mm are optional)
Max Distance (person: 1.8m*0.5m,
distinguish /detect/ recognize)
240m, 60m, 30m
Maximum distance (car: 2.3m*2.3m,
distinguish /detect/ recognize)
720M, 180M, 90M
Palette 14 pseudo colors
Video Encoding H.264(HighProfile、MainProfile、BasicProfile 、M-JPEG
Thermal Imaging Resolution PAL encoding system: 1280*720, 1280*1024
Image frame rate PAL encoding system: 25fps
Audio Encoding G.711a、G.711mu、AAC
Voice Intercom Yes
Fault Detection Yes
Temperature Measurement Function Support point temperature measurement, line temperature measurement, regional temperature measurement
Temperature Measurement Accuracy Max (±2°C,±2%)
Behavior Detection Support line crossing intrusion, perimeter intrusion detection, support fire point detection alarm hot spot tracking;
Target Filtering Yes
Fire Alarm Yes
Hotspot Tracking Yes
Coaxial Interface Yes
Network Interface Yes
Alarm Interface 2 in 1 out
Audio Interface 1 in 1 out
Power Supply AC24V/DC12V
Power Consumption < 11W
Temperature Adaptability -40℃~60℃
Protection Level IP67
Dimensions 291mm*103mm*97mm(L*W*H)
Weight <1.5KG (net weight)

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