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Ultra-low Light HD Panoramic Surveillance Camera Serial

The world's leading unique technology combines an ultra-light 180°HD panoramic camera with a high-definition high-speed dome to provide you with unprecedented “point-to-face” monitoring.
When the traditional high-speed ball uses the PTZ method to monitor a specific area, it cannot balance other areas in the scene, resulting in blind spots and dead angles. When scanning by area, it is caused by the time interval, which causes most scanning monitoring to become Meaningless mechanical movement.
The high-definition panoramic gaze monitoring system completely solves the problem of “seeing but not seeing all” and “seeing but not seeing”. By clicking on the points or areas of interest in the panoramic picture, the high-speed ball is quickly aligned to the monitoring target. The perfect effect of achieving both point and surface ensures that the gaze monitoring system is accurate and efficient, and the monitoring efficiency is doubled.
Full control of global details
180° high-definition panoramic picture + high-definition high-speed ball partially magnified picture, using mouse control, precise positioning, fast amplification, timely tracking.
Infrared fill light
The high-speed ball is equipped with high-performance LED infrared fill light, with a working distance of more than 180 meters and long service life, suitable for long-distance monitoring under dark light at night.
Multi-resolution and multi-stream
Support multi-resolution acquisition and multi-stream image transmission to meet the needs of image transmission and storage in different network environments.
High degree of protection
Precision cast aluminum alloy shell, impact and corrosion resistance; high protection level, ensuring high durability of the product.
Super noise reduction
Built-in patented "two-stage 3D noise reduction" technology, it has excellent noise suppression in dark light environment, accurately restores image color, improves image quality, and clear and rich image details, fully meeting the 24-hour monitoring needs.
Precision mechanical properties
High-speed stepper motor head, fast rotation speed and high precision, suitable for quickly locking and tracking moving targets.
Easy installation
The integrated wall mounting method is suitable for rapid deployment and is convenient and quick to install.
Multi-platform application
Compliant with Onvif and GB/T 28181 standards, it can flexibly access various third-party monitoring platforms.
Applicable scene
It is very suitable for large-area open areas and dark light environments. It can be used in industrial parks, communities, intersections, shopping malls, hotels, schools, airports, banks, prisons, stadiums, parking lots, warehouses, museums, military facilities and other monitoring sites.

Parameter Super low light panorama High speed ball
Movement Sensor 1/1.8″CMOS sensor 1/2.8″CMOS sensor
Lens focal  length f=1.8mm f=4.3~129mm
Lens filed of view 180° horizontal 65.5°(wide angle )~2.1°(narrow angle)
Zoom - 30x optical (other multiple ball machines see ordering model)
Zoom speed - 3 seconds
Focus Focus Automatic
Lens  aperture F1.6 F1.6~F5.0
Aperture control - Automatic
Shutter Automatic Automatic
Min illumination Color:0.001Lux@F1.6 Color:0.001lux@F1.6
Image Output pixel Main stream: 2560*1440/auxiliary stream: 640*480 Main stream: 1080p (1920×1080) auxiliary stream: D1 (704×576) third stream: CIF (352×288)
Frame rate 25fps 25fps
Noise reduction Double - order 3D noise reduction 3D noise reduction
Signal to noise ratio ≥50dB ≥50dB
Gain control Auto Auto
White balance Auto Auto
BLC - Autoc/ manual
Color to black Full color Auto
Wide dynamic Auto Auto/manual
Video Encoding Encoding format H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile
Video bit rate 16Kbps~32Mbps 32Kbps~16Mbps
External Interface Network Interface 1个RJ45 10M/100M 1个RJ45 10M/100M
Analog video output 1 way BNC 1 way BNC
Alarm interface 1way In/1 way Out 2 way In/1 way Out
Storage interface Micro SD(128GB Max) SD/SDHC(128GB Max)
Audio input 1way Mic In 2 way In/1 way Out
Network Protocol Interface Protocol Onvif,GB/T 28181 Onvif,GB/T 28181
Application Support Application function One-click recovery, anti-flicker, heartbeat, password protection, motion detection, alarm linkage One-click recovery, heartbeat, motion detection, alarm linkage
Electrical Features Infrared distance - 180 M
Input voltage DC 12V/AC 24V/PoE AC24V/3A
Input power 6W 52WMax
Working temperature and humidity -40℃~+70℃/≤90%RH -40ºC~+70ºC/≤90%RH
Structural Features Material Aluminum alloy
Weight (kg) 7.7
Color White
Dimensions (mm) 480×245×602
Mounting brackets Wall mounted
Protection level IP67 outdoor, anti-surge, lightning protection

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