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Network Storage Device



High-performance expandable hardware platform
1 64-bit multi-core CPU, 4 64 GB high-speed RAM, SAS 2.0 and PCI-E 2.0 high-speed transmission channel.
4U chassis with the space for 24/36 hardisk, 8U chassis with the space for 48/72 hardisk.
Equipped with 2 - 6 Gigabit Ethernet Ports and high-speed RAM, along with support for SAS cascade expansion for the capability to be equipped with 10 gigabit Ethernet port and RAM, to meet different needs for performance and storage space.
Disk check & repair and RAID optimization technology
Disk precheck, regular check and repair technologies are available, for improved efficiency of disk usage.
Several RAID modes available for example, RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and VRAID, and global hot backup and regional hot backup to protect the safety of your data in ways.
Create & play RAID, support for dynamic online expansion of RAID and logical volume.
Advanced Data Protection
Key system data will have a backup both on system card and hardisk, to prevent the situation in which software could not be restored due to the breakdown of any hardware.
Data synchronization between equipment without server.
Secure your data with technologies such as tamper-proofing and volume clone.
Energy Saving
CPU frequency will be adjusted dynamically according to CUP utilization for a lower energy consumption.  
Intelligent find-grained speed adjustment policy to increase heat dissipation efficiency and decrease noise.
According to process load, partial or the whole hardisk can turn to sleep mode to lower energy waste and expand life of hardisk.  
Personalized Operation and Maintenance Interface
with one-button configuration function, users can finish system configuration fast;
Video stream will be stored directly with server. When the platform server is offline or even broke down, video data will be written normally, the completeness of your data can be guaranteed;
With user-friendly graphic user interface, uses can access the operation information (key components, storage resource and environmental control information) in real time;
Several alarm management methods available including indicator light, SMS and email, for better equipment maintenance;
Support SADP protocol to search any online device(s) within LAN automatically;
Capability to connect to main stream network management systems via SNMP and centralized management for multiple equipment.
Dedicated center video record (CVR) technology specially for security protection
High-performance stream data management architecture
The issues of unreadable or lots files caused by the damage of file system can be avoided with pre-allocation policy based on raw space, by which the overwrite performance degradation caused by the accumulation of file fragmentation can also be avoided to guarantee a stable performance.
Hybrid Steam Direct Storage
Video stream, picture stream, SMART stream and video files can be stored together directly
Easy and Open Architecture
Access recorded video stream directly from IPC/mini traffic enforcement/DVS/DVR/NVR, or from stream media server. Data rate for each video can be smaller than 6MB; Integrate stream media forward function;
Save the cost of storage server/stream media forward server;
Front-end cameras can be connected to this model via RTSP,GB/T28281, ONVIF, PSIA and other protocols.
Upload video file automatically (not NAS function)
Upload video file to CVR automatically to save manual work;
Upload file when in idle mode for optimized utilization of network bandwidth;
Featured security protection functions like file cache, file download and file encryption.
Rich video application services
Various of video recording modes such as by alarm, timed recording and manual recording;
Selective frames storage to save space;
Automatic network replenishment (ANR), recorded video loss detection & alarm, to secure the completeness of recorded videos in case of network disconnection; With self-check and exception repair in CVR, your data will not be lost and your work will not be stopped due to configuration error;
Internal data backup on storage device and data backup between devices located in different places to further improve the safety and reliability of your data;
Key video data can be encrypted to prevent being over written due to loop writing.
VRAID (VideoRAID) data protection
The writing and reading of video recording will not stop duo to any possible broken disk in RAID group.
Typical Applications

Performance Video recording mode: video (2Mbps) + picture 768 channels (video recording + playback) stream media mode: video (2Mbps) 384 channel connection + 384 video recording + 384 channels for video file forwarding, 20 channels concurrent import, 20 channels concurrent download, 10 channels concurrent upload to management center
CPU 64-bit multi-core CPU with high-speed 4GB RAM (expandable up to 64G)
Storage Up to 48 Disks and 240 disk partitions; Disk interface and space: SATA/1T,2T,3T,4T,6T (SSD is optional); hot swapping hardisk support RAID including RAID0,1,3,5,6,10,50,60,VRAID,JBOD and Hot-Spare
Storage Management Disk management: disk check, alarm and repair, slow start for hardisk (power-on in order or randomly) to prevent equipment frame being shocked by strong electricity suddenly when powered on; logical volume management NAS volume, iSCSI volume, video recording management data protection and WORM tamper-proofing, system info. real-time backup and volume clone
Video Recording Management Video recording modes: timed recording, manual recording, main/sub stream video recording, by alarm and others; recorded video backup: local backup, backup in different places; recorded video protection: important video encryption, auto video replenishment, missing video detection and alarm, file locking; retrieval: search by time, incident type; downloads of search result: quick download, batch download, download by section, combine and download
Device Operation and Maintenance Management based on GUI of Web, serial port CLI, integrated management of audio, light, email, SMS and other alarms via different devices; page log download:auto-download onto USB flash and local storage via logging-in web page
Network Management Network protocol: RTSP/ONVIF/PSIA/SIP(GB/T28181)/iSCSI/NFS/CIFS/FTP/HTTP/AFP
External Interface Data interface: 2 gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which can serve as IPMI management interface; management interface: 1 gigabit Ethernet port; SAS expansion interface: 1 COM interface for super terminal, external mobile alarm and UPS; 4 USB ports
Others Redundant power supply: power consumption (including disk) power at the load :≤600W; rated power: ≤1360W; operating environmental temperature: 5℃~35℃; storage temperature: -20℃~70℃; operating environmental humidity: 20%~80%RH (no freezing, non-condensing); storage humidity: 5%~90%RH (no freezing, non-condensing); chassis: standard 8U 19 inch chassis; dimensions of chassis:445mm(W)×345mm(H)×860mm(L); weight (excluding disk) ≤50Kg

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